4 minutes | Mar 31st 2021

A Northwoods Hollywood Star

Many talented people have lived in the Northwoods, and every now and again one of them achieves national fame. One such person was Stanley Morner from the town of Prentice in Price County. Although few people today recognize his name, in the 1940s under the stage name of Dennis Morgan, Stanley Morner was considered an A-list star and one of Hollywood’s leading men. Stanley Morner was born in December 1908 in Prentice. His father was employed at the Roddis Lumber Company, and when Stanley was old enough, he learned the lumber business from the bottom up. His father had him sawing trees and blowing out stumps. He liked to fish, got into frequent fights,and earned the nickname “Toughy.” Morner was more than a tough kid fighting in the lumber yard. He had a natural singing voice, and his parents made certain he took piano and singing lessons with Mrs. Nellie Kelley in Prentice. He attended grade school in Prentice and three years at Prentice High before his parents moved to Marshfield.
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