54 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Speeding the Innovation Cycle with Rapid Prototyping That Incorporates Real World Feedback with Jasmine Burton of Wish for WASH

By spreading and advocating for 3D print education, we reach out to future designers who can create great 3D print products and help change the world through them. Today’s guest is creating social progress in the world through her product design and social mission. Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard sit down with Jasmine Burton, a social inclusion and design specialist and the founder of Wish for WASH, a social impact organization that saves lives by bringing innovation to sanitation. Jasmine’s story is a great example of the way the product development 3D design process works, which began with education that transformed into prototyping and 3D manufacturing, and then to getting it out there in a more buyable business way to create a positive global social impact. She takes us into that amazing journey and imparts great insights on being in the social impact design space, highlighting the importance of incorporating real-world feedback throughout the process of innovating. There is more to innovating social inclusion than expected. It takes being humbled by the different realities that people face to find solutions to create positive change. Dive into this inspiring conversation to find the many opportunities there are to utilize rapid prototyping with real world feedback to create products with meaningful impact.


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