44 minutes | Sep 19, 2020

What UX writing and content strategy get wrong (and how to get better), with Scott Kubie

So many of the conversations on this podcast have been focused on the relationships between UX writing and content strategy. My guest today wants to help clear that up a little bit.  Scott Kubie is one of the most well-regarded voices in content strategy. Currently a free agent on contract at Mailchimp, Scott's worked previously as the Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic (alongside content strategy expert Kristina Halvorson). Before that, he worked as a content strategist and interface writer at Wolfram Research and a mobile app startup. To put it bluntly, Scott and I talk about some things that really annoy us about UX content and content strategy in this episode. But, we also talk about how we think things can improve. So stick around - the future looks good.  Check out: Scott's book, Writing for Designers His newsletter, UX writing events Scott on Twitter Scott on LinkedIn If you like this podcast, please leave a review! Listeners get 20% off all courses, including the UX Writing Fundamentals Course, at the UX Writers Collective. Use the code “PODCAST20”. UX Writing Fundamentals Content Research and Testing Chatbot Writing and Design CX Writing
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