40 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

How software will help UX writers democratize the design process - Jasper Platz, CEO of Strings

Last month, I spoke wth Chris Baty from Figma - and we talked about how Figma is helping UX writers enter the design process. This month we continue that conversation with the creator of a copy management system. Jasper Platz is NOT a UX writer or content designer. He says that straight up. However, he quickly discovered a love for content design when building other products. So much so, that he decided UX writers need software of their own to manage the copy process. We talk about that in this episode, but we also talk about: How software can democratize design for UX writers What would product managers look like if they came from design? Why is content design getting so much attention? …and more. This was a great chat, so I hope you enjoy it! —————————- Get 20% off courses at the UX Writers Collective! Just use the code PODCAST20. UX Writing Fundamentals The Microcopy Course Chatbot Writing & Design Content Research & Testing Marketing Writing for UX Writers If you like this podcast, please leave a review!  
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