37 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

Going global: UX writing and content strategy outside the United States, with Mario Ferrer

When I named this podcast, I chose to focus the title on “Silicon Valley”. Why? I don’t even live there. It comes down to bias. Today’s episode is about breaking that bias. Mario Ferrer was a senior UX writer at King Games, now he’s a senior UX writer at Skyscanner. He’s also one of the cofounders of the UX Writers Meetup in Barcelona - and he’s perfectly placed to help us understand the UX writing community outside the United States. Why do we focus so much on Silicon Valley? For a good reason - much of the activity happens there. But not all the activity. UX writing and content strategy is a global industry, and so we need to understand what’s happening outside of that sphere, as much as we do what’s inside it. Mario and I talk about his life as a UX writer in games, but we also focus on what it means to work outside of that tech-centric bubble. What does it mean for your work? Your career? Your life choices? I’m in the same situation as Mario, so we got along great. I hope you’ll enjoy what we have to say. Check out: Mario’s website Mario on LinkedIn Mario on Twitter Writers of Silicon Valley is on: LinkedIn Twitter If you like this podcast, please leave a review! Listeners get 20% off all courses, including the UX Writing Fundamentals Course, at the UX Writers Collective. Use the code “PODCAST20”. UX Writing Fundamentals Content Research and Testing Chatbot Writing and Design CX Writing  
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