45 minutes | Jan 4, 2020

Episode #10 - How to get hired as a UX writer in 2020, with Gordon MacRea

Are you looking for a job as a UX writer in 2020? Then no hyperbole: you need to listen to this podcast. Gordon MacRae is an instructional designer, product manager, UX writer, and more. He started the UX Writing Jobs newsletter in 2018 to collate all the opportunities for UX writers around the world, and he's learned more along the way about the market than just about anyone else. After all, you don't talk with hiring managers and read job ads every month without understanding a thing or two about the UX writing job market. In this podcast, we talk about everything to do with hiring UX writers in 2020, and getting hired. We talk about: - What skills you need - The trends in UX Writing job descriptions - What managers are looking for - What to avoid - How the standards are rising for good UX writers - How to stand out to hiring managers - And so, so much more Seriously, this discussion is gold for anyone who's looking for a job. We talk about the trends you need to know in order to get hired in 2020. Even if you're happy in your current role, you should listen to understand what the market is doing. After all, who knows what 2020 will bring. What better way to start the year? I hope you enjoy the podcast, and as always, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the content! It helps others find the pod. Listeners get 20% off the UX Writing Fundamentals course and the Content Research and Testing course at the UX Writers Collective. Use the code “PODCAST20”. Check it out!
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