25 minutes | Jan 22, 2020

#11: The essential book on UX Writing, with Andy Welfle and Michael J Metts

There have been a few books on UX writing published, all of them very good, but I think this one might take the cake. Andy Welfle and Michael J Metts have written "Writing is Designing". I think it advances the conversation as it approaches writing as a design tool, and builds on the great work that has already been published by other UX writers. Listen to our conversation and you'll see why.  A few things: 1. Buy Writing is Designing from Rosenfeld Media 2. Andy and Michael are hosting a launch event in San Francisco on January 27. You should go.  3. Follow Andy and Michael on Twitter. 4. The UX Writers Collective and San Francisco UX Writers Meetup are hosting a conference: The UX Writing and Content Design Summit 2020. Check it out and propose your talk!  5. As always, listeners get 20% off the UX Writing Fundamentals course and the Content Testing & Research course at the UX Writers Collective with the code "PODCAST20". 
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