23 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

Sins of a Mother: Redeemed Episode 6

Wrap Around Love Podcast Episode 6: Sins of a Mother: RedeemedShownotes In today's episode, we begin to see the turnaround in Barbara’s story. She goes from having to make the choice to relinquish her rights as a parent, to being invited to pioneer a program within the state of Nebraska that will ultimately result in her gaining guardianship of her children once again. HighlightsThe pain of relinquishing parental rightsThe harm done to Barbara’s children in foster careBecoming her own children’s foster parentAdoptionThe Wrap Around Love of being a foster parentIf you have felt any leading or desire to become a foster parent, we encourage you to reach out to Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska at 402-661-7100. We can see through Barbara’s story and her children's lives what a difference a stable, consistent, and loving foster family can do for not only a child but for generations to come. As Janine says, “Foster care is the epitome of Wrap Around Love.” Learn more about foster care at: www.LFSneb.orgStay Connected, follow us on social media! https://www.facebook.com/wraparoundlovemovement https://www.instagram.com/wraparoundlovemovement/Contact us at:wraparoundloveomaha@gmail.com 
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