51 minutes | Feb 13, 2021

No Excuses with Tough Mudder MC Sean Corvelle

Never run World's Toughest Mudder before? Sign up for World's Toughest Mudder by March 8th and get a free World's Toughest Podcast T-Shirt. Text FIRST TIMER to (619) 485-2726 for details. --- Sean Corvelle is the start line MC for Tough Mudder. He is also the host of the new Tough Mudder podcast "No Excuses". Sean talks about how he originally got into Tough Mudder and what keeps him coming back year after year. He talks about where he finds his motivation and why he is so excited to host his new podcast "No Excuses". No Excuses: Hosted by Sean Corvelle Athletic Brewing Company. Free shipping if you buy two six-packs M*A*S*H. Listen, it's an old TV show, ok? Ask your parents. --- Review today's show and we will read it on a future episode. Not on iOS? Leave a review on Amazon or at Lovethepodcast.com/Tough. --- Want World's Toughest Podcast T-Shirts? Visit the merch store at TheOCRreport.threadless.com. The more you buy, the more you GET! (Will's favorite is the Tri-Blend.) --- Listen here and then follow The OCR Report on Instagram for breaking news updates. --- Text EARLY to (619) 485-2726 for early access to episodes of the show. --- Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.  
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