49 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

My Wheelchair Has Given Me More Than It Has Taken with Jesi Stracham and Brandon Winfield

New Show Feature: Text the host your comments on the show. Text Will at (619) 485-2726. Best texts get read on air. ---- Jesi Stracham and Brandon Winfield join the show to talk about life with Spinal Cord Injury.   Jesi is the first (and still only) person to complete the Tough Mudder Holy Grail in a wheelchair. She has done it twice. Jesi runs the Wheel With Me Foundation where they assist Spinal Cord Injury patients with the life skills needed to live a full and productive life.     Brandon is the CEO of iAccess Life, a mobile company that is the "Yelp of Accessibility". App users can rate, review, and research the accessibility of locations they visit.   iAccess Life and Wheel With Me are working with the Purposity mobile app to get 600 followers. Once they reach that benchmark they will be able to begin using Purposity to raise funds for survivors of Spinal Cord Injury. You can help them (for free!) by downloading Purposity and following Wheel With Me.   Purposity on the iOS App Store. Purposity on the Google Play Store.   iAccess Life on the iOS App Store. iAccess Life on the Google Play Store.   ---   Review today's show and we will read it on a future episode. Not on iOS? Leave a review on Amazon. --- Listen here and then follow The OCR Report on Instagram for breaking news updates. --- Leave a voicemail for the show at (619) 378-4369. We may use it on the show. Text Will at (619) 485-2726 to be notified when new episodes go live or to ask him a question. (It's actually him.) --- Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.  
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