38 minutes | Nov 4, 2019

Femi Kuti: Afrobeat Legend And Concerned Citizen Of The World

As a renowned Afrobeat and Jazz musician with four GRAMMY nominations, Femi Kuti is well-respected around the world for opening minds through the power of his music. John spoke with Femi from the Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria, where he shared the details of his musical upbringing and the importance of different music cultures. He also gets into his life-changing transition from the Saxophone to the Trumpet and the effect this has had on his music and his thoughts. Femi is the son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, and is considered a torch-bearer to his father’s legacy, but in this interview Femi explains why he believes that his mother, Remilekun Taylor, is actually 90% responsible for who he is.   MUSICAL MENTIONS: 0:08 World Music Foundation Podcast 0:11 John Gardner 0:14 Afrobeat 00:15 Femi Kuti 0:31 The World Music Foundation 0:52 Africa 1:23 Fela Kuti 2:20 New Afrika Shrine 2:23 Lagos, Nigeria 2:47 GRAMMY Awards 4:27 Highlife African Traditional Music 4:28 African Culture and Dance 4:32 Jazz 5:00 Afrobeats 8:08 The Beatles 8:35 Highlife 10:05 Nigeria 11:07 America 11:10 Tokyo, Japan 11:12 Australia 11:50 One People One World 12:17 Remilekun Taylor 12:39 Stardom 16:00 Music School 16:08 England 16:10 Ghana 16:38 Saxophone 19:03 Charlie Parker 19:26 James Moody 19:40 Music Shop 19:45 Mood for Love 19:49 Guitarist 19:53 George Benson 20:45 Dexterity 20:46 Improvisation 20:54 Dizzy Gillespie 20:55 John Coltrane 20:56 Art Tatum 22:52 Trumpet 22:58 Soprano Sax 23:01 C Major 23:21 Fight to Win 36:08 Cuba 36:11 Pianist 36:12 Composer 36:14 Band Leader 36:15 Roberto Fonseca 36:16 Yesun 36:49 Clave 37:22 Chocolate City Group
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