39 minutes | Nov 27, 2019

11/27 - Headlines Made in the Premier League, Copa Libertadores Final, Champions League MD 5

It's the night before Thanksgiving and all was quiet...wait, wrong holiday. It's the best food holiday of the year and it's time to end this Trash Turkey debate once and for all. Of course we don't agree. There is soccer to be discussed as Chelsea and Man City met in the Premier League, while Arsenal and Man United are seriously considering their options at head coach. We then move to another potential coaching change with Marcello Gallardo's River Plate as they utterly collapsed in the Copa Libertadores final against Flamengo. Is he now off to Inter Miami? Not so fast, apparently. We then brush on Zlatan's Hammerby investment and what it means for his statue in Malmo before transitioning to the Champions League Group Stage MD 5. I swear, Ryan has trashed the Group Stage before. I need help on this.
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