32 minutes | Oct 10, 2019

10/10 - Are Liverpool clear favorites in the EPL? Who's getting the sack? Plus: USMNT expectations

We are back and we are more miserable than ever, well one of us is. Let's just get this out of the way: Manchester United lost. Shocking, I know. Thomas is miserable. Let's talk about that. Is Ole losing the wheel? Will sacking and replacing him actually change anything. Is Man U hurtling towards a fate not dissimilar to Milan? We know Thomas has feelings about that. We also talk about Decision Day in MLS and how Carlos Vela and LAFC smashed a few records heading into the Playoffs. Finally, let's talk about the USMNT. Let's try to be rational, shall we? Should we expect to see guys like Yedlin? What are we looking for in this set of games against Cuba and Canada. Always stick to @WFT_Podcast for more from us in this glorious international window.
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