40 minutes | May 10, 2021

#407 - Recruiting Virtually

In this episode, Garrett welcomes guests Libby, Nived, Arianna, and Adrian to discuss their  journey through the recruiting process, which has been largely virtual this year. They share how their career plans changed over the course of their MBA education, positive and negative effects of the virtual format, tips to help make the most of the recruiting process, and much more.  We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at WeekendPod@umich.edu or leave a review on your podcast app of choice to let us know what you think of the show. Watch for new episodes every other week.Working for the Weekend is brought to you by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.Episode Host/Producer: Garrett White.Guests: Libby Beck, Nived Karumatt, Arianna Leonardi, Adrian Pereira.Editing: Jonah Brockman.Executive Producers: Suraj Kandukuri and Bob Needham.Copyright 2021 - University of Michigan
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