37 minutes | Apr 30, 2020

#207 - Moving Up and Moving On: Reflecting on Lessons Learned As We Transition

In today’s episode, host Mawa — who’s preparing to graduate from the program — talks with two 2019 alumni, Emma and Ben, along with her co-host Suraj, who’s transitioning from his first to second year in the program. They discuss some of the most important lessons they’ve learned, including the importance of relational vs. operational knowledge, the value of staying in touch with classmates post-graduation, and their best advice for current students. Also, Mawa offers a few parting thoughts as she transitions out of the program and out of her role as founding host of “Working for the Weekend.”We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at WeekendPod@umich.edu or leave a review on your podcast app of choice to let us know what you think of the show. Watch for additional new episodes starting in late summer.Working for the Weekend is brought to you by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.Host: Mawa Mustafa.Panel: Emma Barrasso, Ben Battaglia, Suraj Kandukuri.Producers: Mawa Mustafa, Suraj Kandukuri, and Bob Needham.Copyright 2020 - University of Michigan
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