50 minutes | May 24th 2020

Will Space-as-a-Service protect #CRE as a stable investment? An uncensored chat with Duke Long

The outspoken #CRE Broker and social media influencer (11k+ followers on Twitter), Duke Long, joins Bold founder, Caleb Parker to share the story behind his Top 100 people in commercial real estate to follow on Twitter list and explain his recent rants about the negative pitching that is happening in CRE during the current pandemic, including on social media and in the press.

In this uncensored episode we find out what Duke thinks the “new normal” will be after lockdown, what the office sector can learn from the events industry to entice people back to the office, if remote work will accelerate Space-as-a-Service, and whether commercial real estate remains a stable investment if the future of commercial real estate is flexible.

And finally once and for all we find out who really invented the hashtag #Space-as-a-Service.

Disclaimer: This episode contains profanity. There are few F-Bombs in this episode after the first 15 minutes.*But as we’re all adults in commercial real estate, we decided to NOT censor.

Connect with Duke on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dukelong Connect with Caleb on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Caleb_Parker

Questions in this episode

  1. What was the thinking behind putting the Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter list together? What’s the criteria to be included in that elite list of experts?
  2. There has been a lot of headlines lately talking about “6-feet offices”, “the office being dead”, “the coworking industry failing”, and even the big banks “embracing remote work”. What do you make of this?
  3. What's behind your recent article “Hey, #CRE And #Tech We Are All Fucked, But No One Wants To Admit It. I Will.”
  4. According to a CoreNet Global survey released last Wednesday, 69% Of Companies Plan To Shrink Office Footprint, Increase Remote Work. What’s going to happen to all the space left empty?
  5. Historically commercial real estate was a stable and predictable investment - how do you expect this to change?
  6. What questions should commercial real estate investors be asking right now to prepare their portfolios for the future?
  7. Who in #CRE should people be tuning into for advice or examples of leadership during this crisis?
  8. The very first episode of this podcast was with our mutual friend, Antony Slumbers talking about the Trillion Dollar Hashtag: Space-as-a-Service. For a long time there’s been a debate on who invented that term. Who should get the credit ?

Value Bombs & Tweetables

  • Covid-19 accelerates the flexible working movement
  • Stop pitching. No one knows yet what solutions will save commercial real estate
  • The office sector can learn from the events industry how to create environments people choose to go to
  • Trickle up economics needed during a global crisis
  • 20 year leases are gone
  • All the stats about people not wanting to come back to the office....we need work environments, but we don’t want to go back to the way it used to be 
  • Flexibility will create dynamic revenue models for #CRE
  • Demand for Space-as-a-Service shifts the responsibility of delivering workplaces that support productivity and success from occupiers to the asset
  • CRE needs to be asking how to create environments where people feel taken care of
  • To future proof portfolios, owners of real estate need to ask where they sit in the value chain
  • Assets with Space-as-a-Service will become workplaces of choice


Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter list: https://dukelong.com/duke-longs-updated-2019-top-100-commercial-real-estate-people-you-must-follow-on-twitter/

Duke Long's website: http://dukelong.com/

About Duke Long

Duke is a commercial real estate broker, owner, manager, and investor. He is an entrepreneur in residence for the National Association of Realtors Global REACH programme and social media influencer in #CRE with over 11,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 connections in his LinkedIn group.

If you have any questions or feedback on this episode, email podcast@workbold.co

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