40 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

Why BRAND MATTERS in Commercial Real Estate

Space-as-a-Service veteran Borislava Tzvetkova joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker from Sofia, Bulgaria to chat about her experience supporting global corporates, and why brand matters in commercial real estate.

We learn why demand from global corporates for Space-as-a-Service has grown in recent years, policies for transitioning back to the office after lockdown, hybrid spaces, how a Netflix model supports flexible working and why brand matters, especially when it comes to building valuations.

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Value Bombs and tweetables

  • Global corporates are outsourcing their real estate to Space-as-a-Service brands as a talent acquisition strategy.
  • The home office cannot be a permanent solution for a global corporate office strategy, because not everyone can work from home.
  • 86% of millennials want the best of both worlds: the choice to work remotely and in a fun office culture and inspiring workplace.
  • Hybrid spaces are needed for hybrid work models.
  • Space on-demand supports flexible working and reduces fixed costs.
  • Companies are starting to provide Space-as-a-Service memberships to employees in their benefits package.
  • Like the hotel industry, asset owners will partner with branded operators to attract the right mix of customers, add layers of service and create new revenue lines.
  • Generic spaces lack brand loyalty, consistency and the network effect.
  • We’ll see building owners partner with specific brands to drive the right economics that meet the business plan of the asset. 
  • Selecting the right brand adds tremendous value by delivering a predictable customer experience, making the building attractive, and increasing asset value.

About Borislava (Bori) Tzvetkova

Bori is a flexible workspace expert and business consultant who recently helped launch a really cool coworking brand called THIS WAY in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Bori started in the Space-as-a-Service world in 2004 with premium serviced office brand The Executive Centre based in Hong Kong. She was General Manager for their operation in Sofia. In 2008 she became the Group General Manager at Sterling Serviced Offices (founded by British entrepreneur, Giles Blanchard) with expansions in Istanbul and Sofia, before launching their THIS WAY brand this year.

While still supporting the Sterling brand and their global corporate customers, she’s now focused on their expansion plans for THIS WAY around Europe.

See THIS WAY on Office Snapshots: https://officesnapshots.com/2020/06/08/this-way-coworking-offices-sofia/



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