31 minutes | Nov 8th 2020

Season 3 Bonus Episode: Rethinking Space-as-a-Service

A bonus episode for Season 3.

Our seasons consist of 10 episodes, but a few weeks ago Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, joined Jo Meunier to record an episode of The Future of Work podcast, which is published by Allwork.space, one of the world’s leading publications dedicated to the future of work, including content around Space-as-a-Service.

In this episode you’re gonna hear background on the Bold brand, why we believe in challenging the status quo and how we’ve evolved over the last few years.

Jo asks about the Bold journey, from what led us to turn down a multi-million pound investment, and then ultimately go on to be acquired by NewFlex.

Jo and Caleb chat about the future of work, and how the hospitality and commercial real estate industries are colliding, as well as the growing demand for asset owners to bring more flexibility & service into their buildings

This episode was first published on the Allwork website here: https://allwork.space/future-of-work-podcast/ 

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