61 minutes | Jul 8th 2019

51: Wealth and Relationships, Climate Change, Business Lessons and Sport, Love Follow-Ups

Sometimes you gotta go all-in on business while sacrificing some play time. Sometimes you and your partner are feeling the exact opposite of one another like yin and yang. It’s not perfect, but maybe that’s what balance is! There’s no precise science to juggling work play and love, there’s no “shoulds” or spreadsheets to tell you where to spend your time and energy. Lauren and Jesse take a look at how you can still find balance even in unlikely circumstances. How can you train to be your best when you’re already on your feet all day? How do you handle a big wealth gap in your relationship? Should climate change factor into your discussions about starting a family? And if you’ve been all-in on business, how can you use that experience in sport? Lauren and Jesse tackle these questions, plus they wonder about the meaning of life and share a bunch of follow ups about love.

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