44 minutes | Sep 27, 2018

20: Eating Disorders, Fat-phobia, and Family Planning

With birthdays, anniversaries, and Jude finally realizing the joy of riding a bike there’s a lot to celebrate in the Flomas house, and that’s just the family side of the work, play, love trifecta! Picky Bars is back to running full steam and the first Wilder outside of Central Oregon is this weekend, but the busyness of business didn’t keep them from their weekly date at the mics to answer some of your questions. [Submit yours: https://pickybars.com/blogs/the-scoop/work-play-love-podcast]   Topics this episode include:
  • Eating disorders in endurance sports
  • Why you decided to be an endurance athlete
  • Family planning as athletes
  • Balancing innovation and stasis in business
With past disordered eating struggles, the motive for getting into athletics competitively, deciding when it was time to make a baby, and then a premature ending when question four gets shelved “so the sitter won’t quit,” this one’s personal. There’s some possibly triggering conversation about the oftentimes toxic relationship between food and endurance sports, and how fat-phobia shapes some folks’ motivation for working out. With Jesse’s personal experience with bulimia in college and Lauren’s shifting perspective on body image in motherhood, it’s insightful and hopefully productive in reducing the stigma around these very real issues. [Suggested resource if you or someone you know needs help: nationaleatingdisorders.org]
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