46 minutes | Sep 20th 2018

19: Going to School & Getting Schooled (on Strava)

Lauren and Jesse mic up for another discussion on sports, business, and relationships, with a mix of their own going-ons and listener submitted questions. With the first week of kindergarten under their belts, the topic of community and making friends as adults comes up, as well as Lauren’s upcoming Wilder retreat and Jesse’s race plans for the rest of the year. That’s come with a welcomed shift onto the trails, and while it took coaching, instigating, and pacing from three of his pro buddies, he finally took the top spot in the Marketing team on the coveted Lower Whoops Strava segment in town. As the turf war between he and a begrudgingly dethroned Sarah unfolds, the first listener question from this week’s batch rings especially true...
  • The comparison trap
  • Dealing with disappointing workouts
  • Childcare
  • Sponsorship as a “mid-packer”
Whether it’s against yourself, the person next to you on the start line, or the Strava leaderboard, the comparison trap can turn motivation into unhelpful and unhealthy stress in a flash. Lauren and Jesse share tips for finding intrinsic rewards rather than times or places to feel fulfilled with your results, as well as methods for moving on from disappointing workouts. (Hint: Lowering expectations doesn’t have to mean “settling.”) They discuss the factors that went into deciding on their childcare situation and the societal pressure they felt in seeking out help initially. Lastly, a mid-pack age group athlete looks for advice on approaching sponsorships, and whether capitalizing on their unique story is exploitative or influential. Enjoy! [Submit your Qs: https://pickybars.com/blogs/the-scoop/work-play-love-podcast
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