47 minutes | Sep 13, 2018

18: “Take your ‘treasure it!’ and shove it.”

It all goes so fast and before you know it, the kids are grown, the training’s done, and you’re staring down the moment you thought you’d been waiting for, wishing you could have back the bumps and bruises you cursed along the way. Whether that’s hiding in the janitor’s closet during the first day of kindergarten drop-off or showing up on race day feeling sub-par, this episode is all about embracing and making the most of any situation. Listener-submitted question topics include:
  • Underperforming on race day
  • Trying to do it all
  • When it’s time to leave a job
  • Being a boss but also a “fun guy”
  • Chafing + chamois cream
Is it overtraining, underperforming, or a mixture of both? Showing up to the big day with a book of burned matches is no good, and Lauren and Jesse give their tips to make sure you show up fresh and ready to rock, whether you’re a first timer or veteran. That same balance theme carries over to an extra busy listener running short on hours in the day, one holding on to something unsavory for sake of something they really love, and someone who we have to assume is a Scrabble Grand Champion who also wants to be “fungi” boss. . Lastly, the ever important and always uncomfortable chafe talk, where Jesse burns any potential chamois cream sponsorship bridges and Lauren somehow audibly shakes her head in “I’m in the tri-world by marriage, not blood” disbelief.   [Submit your Qs: pickybars.com/podcastQs]
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