41 minutes | Aug 23, 2018

15: Man on Fire and the Social Implications of Sport

This episode is worth listening to if only to hear what Jesse thought the term “wet blanket” meant. After that enlightening moment he and Lauren dive into a new twist on the What’s Going On section, talking about the highs of a buzzing creative process, battling portion control with screen time and social media, and riding the sweet, sweet, chaka-all-day wave of the recent Picky Bars relaunch.   Listener-submitted questions then spark the following topics:
  • Saying “no” during training season
  • Coping with social training anxiety
  • Supporting an S.O. through athletic disappointments
  • When to hold on or let go of a startup dream
When it comes to the social implications of training in sports, Lauren and Jesse have lots of varied experience and opinions. While being self-motivated and disciplined to work out solo is key for success, they agree that having training partners can be fun and empowering… but can also push you when you shouldn’t be pushed. Maintaining a balance there as well as in the work, play, love spheres when you go “all-in” is key to keeping the value of the chase in the right place, especially when the inevitable feelings of being the wet-blanket of the group set in. Finally they discuss feeling burdened by potential and knowing when to throw in the towel or keep stoking the fire on a dream, be it a new idea, athletic goal, or long standing passion project.


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