44 minutes | Aug 16th 2018

14: ‘Stupid Human Tricks’ and the Bars Are Back in Town!

Bars are back! Picky Bars has bars again, and all is right (or at least getting back to right) on the business side of the work, play, love triad. Like Rocky hiding out in the woods before his big fight, Lauren, Jesse, and the kids retreated to the lake for their annual family vacation. With Jesse not being in peak triathlon training mode for the first time for the trip (no Sly Stalone training montage, sorry) there was a definite reconnect with the playful side of sport, including a display of “stupid human tricks” as Lauren calls them. This leads conveniently to another batch of great listener questions:
  • Toeing ‘acute injury risk’ with activities outside of your sport
  • Dealing with short-term sickness during training
  • The last name debate
  • Encouraging (without pushing) kids’ participation in sport
A lot of this episode’s sport conversations revolve around knowing when NOT to do things - When to settle in for a “full recharge” when you’re not feeling well, and when the risk of injury from an activity outside of your sport is worth the chance, like Jesse’s wakeboard acrobatics he showed off on Instagram. (Lauren’s got the tally on how many attempts it really took…) A 90 degree turn to Lauren’s decision to keep, at least in part, her maiden name, and how the implications of their childhoods shaped their (still evolving) ideas on family names as they’ve started growing their own. Finally, a look back and forward as they discuss encouraging kids’ participation in sport. Work, play, love - nailed it. Enjoy!   Want to submit your own question for Lauren + Jesse? pickybars.com/podcastQs