48 minutes | May 31, 2018

08: The Energy Well, Aging in Sport, #SuperAdvanced, and the NBA Playoffs

Listen, even if you aren’t interested in the topics in this episode, do yourself a favor and listen to the final few minutes where Jesse explains the origination of #superadvanced, including a memorable dinner table moment with Jude and an avocado. :


  • When to push through fatigue in training/work, and when you need a break
  • Redefining athletic goals with age
  • Living unfairly in someone else’s limelight
  • The #superadvanced backstory

Lauren and Jesse tackle an early morning recording, buzzed up on coffee and surprisingly chipper after Lauren hosted a four-day Wilder Retreat and Jesse pulled dad duty during a big block of Challenge Roth training. Of course they talk about both - that whole Work, Play, Love balance thing - and also how they help each other ease back into “normal” life feeling rejuvenated rather than frazzled and behind after time away. This week’s questions spur a lively chat about energy stores, the struggles that can come with sharing a common “space” with a partner, and aging in sport, including Lauren’s mindset after retirement and what Jesse’s next phase after pro triathlon might look like. And while it’s not looking super likely that Jude’s got a future as pro basketball player, he and Jesse have found a way to bond over the NBA Playoffs this season, although it came with some “bad news.” Enjoy!

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