46 minutes | May 16th 2018

06: "The Sky is Made of PB&J" (a.k.a. Get your head right for race day, parenting issues, nutrition, and bucket lists)

It’s a big week in the Flomas household, as both Lauren and Jesse prepare for the “Bend Olympics” - Pole, Pedal, Paddle! This multi, multi-sport event is the ultimate PNW challenge and a town treasure. Lauren’s holding down the run leg for her mom friend team, “Play Date,” and Jesse’s tackling the ski, ski, bike, run, kayak, sprint course solo looking for his first non-asterisk win. After some LOLs over their differing race preps, they jump into listener questions. Topics include:
  • Getting into a good pre-race headspace (as the athlete and how to help as a supporter)
  • Talking (or not) through parenting issues
  • Nutrition
    • Differences between fueling as an elite athlete vs regularly active person
    • Trends, fads, extreme diets, and body shaming
  • Life goals/road-mapping
“That’s a great question!” is this episode’s most uttered phrase, and for good reason. Conversation floats from serious and tactical to light and laughable and back again while Lauren and Jesse discuss the neurosis of race prep (triathletes are notorious tinkerers, while Lauren’s got a thing for worst-case scenarios), how they’ve learned to communicate as co-parents, the struggle of society’s obsession with diet trends both as athletes and food business owners, and how well they’ve stayed the path on their younger selves’ life plan. Spoiler: Jesse has a spreadsheet for that. Enjoy!
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