33 minutes | May 1st 2018

04: Training Together, Taking it to the Next Level, and Having Employees

With race season around the corner - Can Jesse bring home a seventh consecutive W at Wildflower this weekend?? - this episode has them ramping up and dialing in the feeling of peak training. (The intro tinkering seems to have started paying some dividends...) Listener questions this week include:
  • Training together - yay or nay?
  • How to tell when it’s time to move from amateur to elite
  • What makes a good coach, and are all pro athletes qualified to coach by virtue of their training?
  • Developing hiring processes and implementing culture at work
A fun run down memory lane recounting Lauren and Jesse’s first (less-than-fun) run together leads into how they’ve come to manage their on-again, off-again exercise relationship together over the years. Asking the right questions about goals and visions for the future guide their advice for anyone looking to take the next steps in their athletic careers, as well as in seeking out a coach. Lastly, they cover the things they’ve learned - sometimes (/usually) the hard way - about the hardest part of business: hiring and having employees. Jesse also has a very profound “aha” moment about the name of the podcast.
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