30 minutes | Apr 3rd 2018

02: Quality Time, Getting Sponsors, Hiring People, Workplace Healthcare

Lauren and Jesse don't realize the podcast is already named, oh well. Then they answer these questions -    - What’s the most effective way to spend quality time together when you’re tired from training and work?   - How do you go about securing sponsorships as an athlete?   - How did you get past the point of having to do everything for your business to being able to hire people to help?   - When you were first starting out as entrepreneurs - how did you decide whether to offer health care for employees and how much to offer?   Lauren and Jesse let their listeners in on the amazing secret benefits of....Dinner and a Movie. They discuss finding sponsors as professional athletes, creating value for those sponsors outside of race results, and the rise of the "influencer." Next is exploring the entrepreneurial process of mastering a task then hiring help to expand - Jesse recommends the book E-Myth. Finally, they discuss the gradual steps they took to offer health care to Picky Bars employees.