38 minutes | Apr 2nd 2018

01: Making Time, Encouraging Kids, Modifying Training, Your Biz's "Done" Line

After an obviously unrehearsed but awesomesauce intro, Lauren and Jesse answer these questions:

  • How do you make time for each other that isn't focused around business and/or training?
  • How do you encourage your kids in sports without pushing them too hard?
  • Do you modify your training to account for stress at work or at home?
  • When you started Picky Bars, did you set a "Done" line, where you would stop the business?
The episode touches on setting work/life boundaries, particularly when you own a business, and scheduling time for your significant other to talk biz and NOT talk biz! Lauren and Jesse debate the value of sports pursuit as a child, and what they've learned trying and not trying to encourage their son to do sports he may or may not be interested in. They describe how best to stick with the training plan vs abandon it when life's stresses mount. Finally, they address how they're learning to balance the growth of a business with the increasing financial responsibilities that come with it.
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