37 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

WHR 3.9 : Matilda Morgan

SHOW NOTES Good Note : While helping clients improve their image, you get to see them light up. Bad Note : Trying to do too many things at once and be everything to everyone. Jam Room : Set up as the brand that I want to be Gathering Fans : Present yourself in a way that your target market will be comfortable with, but also see that you have just a little bit more than they do so that they are inspired to follow you. Learning From the best : Takes something that I would have fumbled through for 20 years and taken it to 1 year. THE STORY Appearance matters. Especially in the world of business. We all know this intuitively; it’s why applicants dress formally to job interviews, and why CEOs don’t come to work in sweats. But what’s equally important to understand is that dressing for success isn’t always aone size fits all strategy. If your brand is fun and casual, for instance, the professional dark pant suit likely is not going to communicate that to potential clients or partners. It is a rare leader indeed that not only recognizes the importance of their own image to their professional success, but also understands how their clothes can themselves serve as branding for their business. This is where Matilda Morgan and her company Impact Driven Style comes in.
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