26 minutes | Mar 22nd 2021

WHR 3.7 : Jordan West

SHOW NOTES Good Note : Big Growth throughout 2020  Bad Note : When looking to buy a business, make sure that the business has the potential to turn it to profit Practice Makes Perfect : Track and test what you are doing so you can quantify and improve Jam Room : Jordan got rid of the distractions by building separate home office in his back yard The Band : Know your own strengths (take a strengths finder test) and focus on them.  Then find people who fill in the gaps  THE STORY When I was 23 I decided to buy a Taco Del Mar restaurant… I knew I had made a huge mistake at 2pm the first day when only 3 customers had walked in… (and two of them were my parents haha) For 5 years I worked hard to grow sales every way I could think of and in the end, tripled our revenue which still didn’t seem to matter on the profit side. (I lost a lot of money) The one thing that I seemed to be the best at in the restaurant endeavour was the marketing and getting people in the door. Fast forward to 2014 when my wonderful wife Carmen (definitely my better half) started a modest baby clothing line and was selling at craft markets. I asked if I could test running a few ads on Facebook… and the rest is history. I learned every up and coming strategy and tactic and helped grow the small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and still growing! Over the years I have realized what I am good at and what I’m not. What I’m good at… Marketing and helping others scale their businesses. Which leads me to now. In 2019 we started the podcast “secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand” which is now in the top 50 business/marketing podcasts in multiple countries including Canada and the United States. On top of that we founded Mindful Marketing Co. to help scale brands, stores and makers using paid marketing. I love to see brands grow and founders shift from grinding to scaling… it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!
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