59 minutes | Apr 24, 2021

The Enneagram with Keith Kristich

Episode 3: The Enneagram with Keith KristichWelcome to the the Wondering Free podcast, where we seek to create a more spacious spiritual life by exploring our experiences, practices, and beliefs, and how they shape ourselves and the world around us.In this episode, Keith Kristich and I invite you into our conversation on the Enneagram, that nine-pointed personality tool that everyone likes to talk about. Keith gives us an overview of the Enneagram, then we flip the interview and microscope into the my Enneagram type to give you an idea of how the Enneagram can be used to better understand ourselves and as a tool for personal growth. Guest Bio: Keith is a contemplative and nature lover, who walks with those who wish to nourish and deepen their spiritual life and wellbeing through contemplative prayer, meditation, and personality study. He leads retreats, contemplative practice groups, and does one-on-one coaching, in person and online.  Keith is also a certified Enneagram teacher, which is the focus of our discussion today. You can find more information about Keith at his websites KeithKristich.com and CloserThanBreath.com. Here are some additional links to other individuals and organizations we discussed:Typology PodcastWisdom of the Enneagram (Book)The Sacred Enneagram (Book)The Complete Enneagram (Book)Richard Rohr's Intro to the Enneagram (YouTube)Follow the Podcast:Facebook Instagram TwitterAlso, I'm working on a website with even more content and resources. Stay tuned!
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