71 minutes | May 7, 2021

God Speaks with Gabriel Gordon, Part 1

Welcome to the the Wondering Free podcast, where we're creating a more spacious spiritual life by exploring our experiences, practices, and beliefs, and how they shape ourselves and the world around us.I'm so excited to share part one of a two-part series with my friend, author, and biblical studies scholar at Portland Seminary, Gabriel Gordon. We got together to discuss his new book on Scripture and the implications of holding certain beliefs about inspiration, but we had such a great time that we decided to break our conversation up into 2 episodes. This episode goes into the details of Gabriel's book, the problems with popular understandings of inspiration, and his proposal for another way to think about inspiration and Scripture. In Part 1, we focus on the theological material to better understand the implications of different views on inspiration, and it definitely enters into nerdy territory, but don't worry, we had a really good time with it and so will you. Gabriel may be a biblical scholar, but he definitely isn't boring!!!Stay tuned for Part 2 because in the second episode, we talk about the implications of our beliefs about God and Scripture for our lives and our relationships with others and the world around us. Guest Bio: Gabriel Gordon graduated with a double major in Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Ministry from Oklahoma Baptist University. He is currently working on his Masters of Theological Studies with a specialization in Biblical Studies from Portland Seminary. He has authored two books and is featured in an edited volume of essays on Christian leadership. In addition, he's a confirmed member of the Episcopal church part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a self-identified Anglo-Orthodox; and one of the co-founders of The Misfits Theology Club, a blog, podcast, and annual conference dedicated to providing a place of dialogue and working to build unity amongst diverse Christians. He currently lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with his wife Hannah, and his dog Karl Barth.Here are some additional links to other individuals and organizations we discussed:Misfits Theology PodcastCenter for Open & Relational TheologyThomas Jay Oord & Essential KenosisLinks to Gabriel's other publications:Late Night Meanderings with God: A Collection of EssaysOpen and Relational Leadership: Leading with LoveFollow the Podcast:Facebook Instagram Twitter
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