32 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

You Can’t Do It Alone | Maria Quiban

What do you do when life throws you a curveball? How do you pick yourself back up and find the strength to push forward? Ask FOX 11 weather anchor Maria Quiban Whitesell. When her husband Sean was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she was utterly unprepared. It was difficult--Maria had to figure out how to explain the situation to her son, how to deal with the day-to-day, and how to cope with what was going on. In her book, You Can’t Do It Alone, Maria shares her experiences and provides readers with advice on dealing with illness, death, and grief. Listen in!

Timestamped show notes 01:39 - You Can’t Do It Alone 03:00 - The start of Maria’s journey 04:38 - The diagnosis 07:24 - Explaining to their son, Gus 09:46 - Discussing with family 12:09 - Navigating the lack of control 15:28 - Asking for help 17:09 - Ohana means family 19:11 - Finding support 22:09 - Overwhelming but important 24:56 - Finding moments of joy 26:44 - Kalika shares how the book has helped her 28:09 - Maria encourages people to help donate for cancer research 29:21 - Closing remarks, Maria shares how Gus is doing

Links You Can’t Do It Alone: https://mariaquiban.com/my-writings/

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