59 minutes | Apr 18th 2021

Women and Wellness | Denise Pines

This week, Kalika sits down with Denise Pines, a serial entrepreneur, a documentary filmmaker, and a champion for women’s health. While working as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, Denise’s interest shifted to social justice and advocacy, wanting to create a voice for African-American and Latinos. In this stage of her life, she has shifted to empowering women and women’s rights. Listen in as Denise shares her life experiences, her struggles, and her advice for women and wellness. Timestamped show notes 01:28 - Denise’s Story 03:06 - Women’s Health advocate 04:55 - Women are caught off guard about their health 06:36 - Denise’s health story 09:26 - Heart attack or hot flash? 12:49 - Tea remedy 16:26 - Denise shares her journey in building Tea Botanics 24:56 - Packaging is essential 26:38 - Managing menopause 29:31 - Women are told they are the problem 34:35 - Denise explains how the medical system underserves women and people of color 40:16 - Realizing the dream 42:25 - Denise shares her struggles 48:40 - Looking towards the future 50:29 - Denise shares some of her upcoming projects Links Tea Botanics: https://teabotanics.com/ Wisepause: https://wisepause.com/ Femaging: https://www.femaging.com/ Denise on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/denisepines/
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