44 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

Wellness, Innovation, and Mushrooms | Ashley Southard

We’re joined this week by Ashley Southard, CEO and Co-Founder of Mushroom Design, a nutraceutical mushroom brand whose mission is to inspire a better quality of life for people. Ashley is also the Co-Founder of Healer Collective, a marketing and fundraising platform for the wellness industry. Listen in as Ashley talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, from managing several other companies at 29 years old to innovating in the nutraceutical space with Mushroom Design. Timestamped show notes 01:30 - Ashley’s Beginning 03:39 - How Ashley got started with mushrooms 05:48 - Advice for people looking for their path 08:32 - How Ashley got started with meditation 10:42 - Ashley talks about her struggles in her business 13:45 - Strengths as an entrepreneur 15:49 - Hiring the right people 18:45 - Ashley’s daily routines 19:56 - What is Mushroom Design? 22:00 - Why mushrooms? 24:51 - Ashley’s three-year forecast 25:50 - Ashley talks about her product 28:53 - Entrepreneurs: born or made? 30:55 - Is it easy? 33:36 - Partnering up with the right people 36:48 - Having difficult conversations 39:19 - How to find Ashley’s products Links Mushroom Design: https://mushroomdesign.com/ Healer Collective: https://healercollective.com/
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