8 minutes | Dec 1st 2017

The Power of One | Alan Mintz

Alan Mintz is the co-author Scaling Up. Alan has extensive experience across all major finance fields, including financial analysis and debt finance boosting, and spends a large amount of time helping entrepreneurs handle their banking relationships, cash flow analysis, and other financial matters

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29: What Can a CEO do to Change the Variables in Your Business?
    • The Power of One
    • Monitor Price, Volume, Cost of Goods, Overheads, Recievables and Payments.
  • 1:05: The Power of One is the Code of a Company
  • 2:05: The Critical Number.
    • Profit
    • Working Capital
    • Cashflow
  • 3:18: The Option to Use a Bank or an Individual
    • 2-5% of Companies are Successful in Raising External Individual Capital
  • 5:15: The Scorecard is Cash. Understand Visibility to Understand the Outcome.
  • 5:40: What to Discuss in a Management Meeting.
    • Net Promoter Score to Analyse Customer Satisfaction
  • 6:52: Google Alan Mintz or www.cashflowstory.com to reach out to Alan.

3 Key Points:

  1. The Power of One is to Understand Your Business, it’s the Code of a Company.
  2. Cash is King. Critical for a CEO to understand the company's story.
  3. Understand your company’s visibility to understand the company’s outcome.

Resources Mentioned: