38 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

The Best Job | Jess Weiner

Jess Weiner is a cultural expert, educator, consultant, and CEO of Talk to Jess. She is a "secret weapon" for brands, helping them contextualize and humanize cultural trends in campaigns—which ultimately boosts loyalty from employees and consumers. Weiner has in-depth experience working with top brands including Disney, Netflix, Google, and Amazon. Two of her most notable campaigns are Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty and Mattel's launch of more inclusive Barbie dolls. She is also an adjunct professor, author, and host of "We're All Going To Die, Anyway" podcast.

Timestamped show notes 02:02 - How did Jess get to where she is today? 04:38 - Businesses and brands value creatives 07:39 - Jess shares her thoughts on the state of the world 10:48 - Personal change 11:46 - Business change 16:12 - Vision first! 17:26 - Discovering your own values 19:10 - How to build a good life 22:38 - Feeling like falling 24:04 - Adjust to the disruption 25:28 - Jess shares why she started her podcast 30:14 - Asking “why” 31:06 - Empowering women and Jess’s advice 34:31 - Advice for businesses in today’s ever-changing world

Links Jess’s Website: https://www.jessweiner.com/ We’re All Going to Die Anyway Podcast: https://www.jessweiner.com/podcast