40 minutes | May 10, 2021

Mastering Life’s Energies | Dr. Maria Nemeth

Kalika sits down with one of the most influential figures in her life, Dr. Maria Nemeth. Dr. Nemeth is a psychologist, a master-certified coach, and the founder and director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Listen in as Dr. Nemeth shares her story, from loaning someone $35,000 to never seeing it again to her journey to becoming an entrepreneur. She shares all the hard lessons she’s learned and wants people to know that she’s been there--she’s experienced hardship and mistakes just like anyone else. Timestamped show notes 03:43 - “Entrepreneurs are the real heroes” 04:43 - Things that you don’t want to happen, happen 11:44 - Reflecting on the past 14:07 - Standards of integrity exercise 17:00 - Holographic experiences 19:57 - The willingness to say “yes” 23:41 - “Monkey mind” 26:32 - Be uncomfortable! 29:53 - Mastering life’s energies 33:22 - Dr. Nemeth talks about “50 and Better” her new project 36:45 - Reaching out to Dr. Nemeth 38:09 - “We are spiritual beings having a spiritual life” Links Ace Coach Training: https://acecoachtraining.com/ Contact Info: wayne@acecoachtraining.com Contact Info: monica@acecoachtraining.com Mastering Life’s Energies: https://amz.run/4XZW The Energy of Money: https://amz.run/4XZY
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