4 minutes | May 31, 2021

From Family Recipe to Million Dollar Brand | Lizanne Falsetto

This week, Kalika looks back at her podcast with Lizanne Falsetto. Lizanne is the founder of ThinkThin, a brand that specializes in nutritional bars and snacks. During her long trips abroad as a model, Lizanne found herself cooking. She would cook old family recipes like brownies and cookies and share them with people on her trips. On one such occasion, Madonna happened to try one of her creations. Lizanne thought of her bars as something she just made in the kitchen, not realizing that Madonna would write about her bars in InStyle magazine, which kickstarted Lizanne’s journey. Listen in as she shares her incredible journey and how she ultimately sold thinkThin for over $200 million.

Links ThinkThin: https://thinkproducts.com/ Lizanne’s new company, Pink Talented Angels: https://www.lizannefalsetto.com/about-pta/

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