45 minutes | Apr 30th 2021

Baking Cakes and Family Business | Odette D'Aniello

Odette D'Aniello is the owner of Celebrity Gourmet Ventures, a brand that focuses on weddings, specialty cakes, and cake experiences. Odette worked at her family’s bakery when she was just 10 years old; baking is practically in her blood. She shares her experience moving to the U.S. to go to school, paying for her own education, all while working at her family’s bakery to work on her craft. Odette’s story is one of grit, determination, and hard work. She shares what it's like to run a business with family and the potential issues that may arise. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 01:36 - Odette’s Journey 03:28 - Getting into the bakery business 07:21 - Baking bread to baking cakes 09:16 - Starting days 11:24 - From teacher to baker 13:40 - Working with family! 15:20 - Don’t make assumptions 15:53 - Entrepreneurial spirit 19:47 - Having self-agency 21:02 - Joining EO 23:44 - Why you should join EO 24:40 - Interests besides entrepreneurship 30:00 - Surrendering and trust 33:50 - The Author of Influence 37:45 - Coming out of grief 39:08 - Being a woman entrepreneur 40:52 - What’s next? Links Celebrity Cake Studio: https://celebritycakestudio.com/
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