39 minutes | Apr 8th 2018

$500K-$20M in less than 3 years | Tamara Loehr

Tamara Loehr founder of FivePointFour, Hot Tresses, Mitara Communications and PieLAB Venture Partners started a marketing company 19 years ago specialising in national and international ASX and established brands. Tamara’s agency also worked closely with medium size private companies to develop and implementing high-growth marketing and sales strategies. The agency grew to be in the top 2% of agencies in Australia.


Tamara’s specialty is in online sales automation and is an international speaker on the topic. Tamara’s focus is on subscription-based online products/services that use social media channels to build brands and sales off limited marketing budgets (organic growth strategies).


Timestamped Show Notes:

0:02:21 —> 0:02:25 Tamara has always been creative as a professional songwriter and a medical illustrator

0:03:26 —> 0:03:30 Becoming an entrepreneur after working 6 months at an agency in the corporate world

0:04:07 —> 0:04:13 In the 2016 Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, FivePointFour Holdings Pty Ltd was recognized as a Gold winner in the Fastest Growing Company of the Year category.

0:04:33 —> 0:04:42 The award becomes a responsibility more than a title because when you win something like that you feel like you need to go out and share with other people

0:04:57 —> 0:05:02 The 15-year journey to becoming a VC

0:05:36 —> 0:05:43 EO and the concept of sweat equity

0:06:17 —> 0:06:24 Why come up with a new business idea when 4 out of 5 business are failing

0:06:36 —> 0:06:43 The prepared meals VC project

0:07:20 —> 0:07:25 Applying the 80/20 rule to business

0:08:05 —> 0:08:30 Having a food business without any previous experience and how EO helped Tamara navigate

0:08:48 —> 0:09:21 The 5 rules of sweat equity or 5 tactics can you talk a bit about that here

0:09:21 —> 0:09:58 1st rule: coming to an agreement on what it's worth and founders syndrome

0:09:58 —> 0:10:04 2nd rule: Whatever that value is, give that to them in marketing or services rendered in the amount you would charge a client

0:10:45 —> 0:11:12 3rd rule: No win No fee equity

0:11:12 —> 0:11:48 4th rule: On-boarding a business coach

0:11:48 —> 0:12:39 5th rule: Build it to sell it or at least to have nice options

0:12:44 —> 0:12:51 Before EO and NLP Training

0:14:02 —> 0:14:29 Businesses is how we're gonna change the world, not governments

0:14:29 —> 0:14:51 Richard Branson, the expensive selfie and getting engaged

0:14:51 —> 0:16:36 Buy one, Give one model and the Entrenched Charity

0:16:36 —> 0:17:38 Personal goal: I want to impact 10000000 lives a year

0:17:38 —> 0:21:04 Millennials and social media 0:21:56—> 0:25:44 The hunger project

0:25:44—> 0:27:29 Interruptive marketing and millennials

0:27:29 —> 0:29:32 Poor customer reviews and the fear of online transparency

0:29:32 —> 0:32:06 Obsessed with video content for social media

0:32:06 —> 0:32:43 Let's talk about women entrepreneur growing the business over $10000000 because it's easier

0:32:43 —> 0:36:44 Fear of judgments made because you're married and you have kids

0:36:44 —> 0:37:16 I challenge women around that whole “compromising” thing regarding growing a big because then they don't have to compromise the family because I wouldn't say that I have by going big

0:37:29 —> 0:37:59 EO kept me sane, kept me grounded kept me focused, and gave me the tools.

Key Points:

1. There are plenty of failing businesses that could use your expertise, there's no need to reinvent the wheel to make money.

2. Women should not feel they have to choose between family life and large career success.

3. Businesses are how we're gonna change the world, not governments.

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