31 minutes | Nov 6, 2020

It's Your Mind That's Keeping You Broke

We can talk about careers; about whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or whether you want to leave the corporate world and pursue a career path that involves you being your own boss and following your purpose or passion. We can also talk about how and where to invest money for growth and security over the long term. But the issue that comes up again and again, is our relationship with money. The money blocks we have can prevent us from gaining wealth and most certainly from maintaining it!Despite consistently progressing in my career and getting significant pay rises I stayed broke throughout my twenties. I was in my thirties before I realised it was the stories I told myself that was keeping me in that position. In this episode we dive into money mindset, how our beliefs around money are formed and the money blocks that show up in our behaviours and how that is keeping us broke!For more information on money mindset and limiting beliefs around money and wealth head to the website or connect with me on instagram.For details on the next Money Mindset Re-Set course leave you info here. If you would like to collaborate on a Podcast episode let me know here.
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