52 minutes | Nov 26, 2020

S3E12: Macrocosm

We recorded this at the end of October, truly a different time, and Kat was in a terrible mood, oh boy! One of our most unfocused episodes yet, maybe consider starting at about 21 minutes in. Because before that we spend a huge amount of time talking about Wales’s firebreak lockdown, now a distant memory, and Halo Top, and an extremely minor thing about Wales’ covid response that Kat was terrified would destroy our reputation on the world stage, but which in fact everyone has already forgotten about (including me, Kat, until I edited this!). And then, this episode of voyager is about a horrifying deadly virus, a series of international diplomacy incidents, and a race for a vaccine. Yeesh! Thanks for listening everyone!

We mention Lauren Busser’s startrek.com article about Macrocosm and Covid-19: https://startrek.com/news/voyagers-macrocosm-is-a-covid-19-cautionary-tale

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