57 minutes | Jun 12th 2020

White Women of #Vanlife, We Need to Talk

The truth is this: as white women on the road, we’ve taken up a lot of space within the #vanlife movement. And it’s long past time to unpack how white women’s presence in popular road travel negatively impacts the Black traveler community. So in this episode, we spend some dedicated time addressing topics related to antiracism within the modern van life movement, why it’s been so tough to see positive change in this community, white women travelers’ collective role in all of this, and how to develop the practice of lifelong learning when it comes to antiracism work.

NOTE: We wanted to recognize that, in addition to the update at the top of this episode we recorded to address some community feedback regarding the topic of assimilation, we also want to call out thanks to another incredible community member that when we discuss classism (vehicle and event ticket affordability being two examples) in this episode alongside racism, we are perpetuating the limiting and harmful narrative that folks in BIPOC communities are in lower socioeconomic brackets. Furthermore, this action is an example of a microaggression, and something we apologize for and take seriously. We are linking an additional resource here to underline why linking classism and racism is problematic so you can continue to learn alongside us. To our listeners: please listen critically.

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