34 minutes | Jun 21st 2019

Getting Real with Miscarriage: Jayme Serbell

Full-time travelers Jayme and her partner John recently went through a miscarriage. But in the face of the social norm to not talk about it, they’ve been sharing their sharing about the experience and their grieving process openly with their online community because this topic just isn’t talked about enough, especially for how common it is.

In this episode, we catch up with Jayme to hold an important discussion around miscarriage-- because getting real about what’s not being said is the only way to move toward a future where we all give ourselves permission to do the same.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Jayme’s pregnancy story
  • How she and her partner John were planning to accommodate an infant on the road
  • What vehicles are good potential campervans for families
  • Finding pregnancy and miscarriage support communities online
  • How Jayme discovered she was miscarrying
  • Why Jayme and John chose to share their miscarriage story with their online community
  • Thoughts and resources that are helpful to Jayme and John in their grieving process

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