34 minutes | Oct 18, 2017

Talking Point: S1E1 -Dr. Lisa Ingarfield & Joanna Snawder-Manzo

Dr Lisa Ingarfield, PhD, hosts a new monthly podcast that will address thought provoking and challenging discussions exploring all things women and gender equity in sport. TALKING POINT will provide a platform for deeper conversations about diversity and inclusion when it comes to women’s role in sport, and is intended to provide a means for people to engage and maintain that conversation and keep moving this issues forward so we don’t lose sight of them.
Topic:  How women experience marginalization in our culture and how sexism continues to play such a formidable role in our society.
Guest: Joanna Snawder-Manzo, MA, is an expert in women and gender studies who has worked in this field for over 17 years and has extensive experience of women facing issues on college campuses and beyond. Joanna has done work on wage discrimination, Title IX compliance and also in women’s leadership. She is a Certified Start Smart Salary Workshop Facilitator and Women’s Empowerment Model Self Defense Instructor. Joanna considers herself a social justice warrior and an endurance feminist.
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