42 minutes | Jun 15, 2022

Less Shame, More Gain: Redefining Fitness for Women With Stacy Kim

Stacy Kim is the owner of Kuma Fit women’s kickboxing studio in maine. She’s also a passionate advocate for inclusion of all women in the fitness space and the creator of Feel Strong Movement, a directory that lists gyms and trainers who are committed to making the gym experience less intimidating and more comfortable for women. 

In this episode we talk about shame - and the role it has traditionally played as a motivating tool for women in fitness. We talk about what’s keeping women out of the gym in a post-covid era. We also get into how shifting the conversation away from weight-loss and toward feeling better can be a positive force in your coaching practice. 

1:18 - Why shame has been used to motivate, pitfalls of shaming

7:52 - Stacy's move toward women's fitness

10:28 - Retooling the onboarding process

12:40 - Focused ads for women

13:48 - Post-pandemic aversion to gyms

17:02 - Steering the focus from weight-loss to intrinsic benefits

19:34 - Feel Strong movement

21:43 - What 'positive-based' coaching looks like in a class setting

25:47 - How to attract more women to your gym, and keep them there

32:24 - Stacy's career path

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