33 minutes | Aug 3, 2022

How to Run a Profitable Yoga Studio (Without Losing Your Soul)

Shannon Brasovan is a yoga business consultant at Two-Brain Business, a yoga teacher, the former chief yoga officer at Myriad Yoga and former co-owner of Naptown Fitness.

In this episode, we talk about why many yoga studio owners are oddly reluctant to be profitable, and we cover the one thing they can do today to bring in—and retain—more quality clients.

We also get into why "having it all" is not humanly possible and how to run a business with your spouse without ruining your marriage. Finally, Shannon tells the story of how yoga saved her life.


Booking link: Shannon Brasovan

Instagram: Yogabusinessowner

Instagram: Besowgrow

3:07 - Yoga and making money

5:07 - Valuing yourself

8:03 - How yoga saved Shannon's life

14:00 - Boundaries

16:45 - Dialing in operations

20:10 - Private instruction perks

23:04 - Running a business with your spouse

28:00 - Entrepreneurial superpower

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