26 minutes | Jul 6, 2022

Girl Powered: Online Cycling Coaching with Elspeth Storrar

When her gym was shut down by government pandemic restrictions, Elspeth Storrar pivoted. She’s now the CEO of Girls Get Strong Cycling, delivering online cycle coaching to women across the globe. She also runs women-only cycling camps in Mallorca, Spain. 

We talk about her shift from gym ownership to online coaching, the myriad benefits of cycling for women, and what she’s learned about running specialty camps. ​

1:09 - The "hit-by-a-car test"

1:51 - The pandemic pivot

3:29 - Typical clientele

4:33 - Online cycle coaching

6:15 - The business model

8:32 - The cycling camp

11:26 - Benefits of cycling

16:46 - Focus

17:33 - Connecting and listening to your audience

21:06 - Growing the team

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